Our non-combustible, modular building system is disruptive in the marketplace and revolutionizes the way mid-to-high-rise buildings are constructed. Our interlocking, plug-and-play building technology is precision manufactured, efficiently delivered to and easily assembled at project sites. Time is saved, costs are reduced and meaningful environmental benefits are achieved.

We design, engineer and assemble prefabricated components of a building in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and transport these finished assemblies to project sites where installation and final building assembly is carried out. This is distinct from the more conventional practice of transporting raw materials to a project site where construction of the building is conducted.

The advantage of our offsite construction solution is that quality is improved and time and cost is saved when similar construction tasks are grouped and assembly-line techniques are employed in our factory location where skilled labour is available and optimal working conditions prevail. Buildings are manufactured in parallel to the project site work and conventional construction issues that waste time and increase cost are eliminated - for example, lack of power, exposure to harsh weather or hazardous environments, scheduling of trades and materials, managing congestion, etc... .

Sustainability is important to us. We use a quality controlled manufacturing process to optimize materials use and limit construction waste. Our building system is engineered for efficient, long-haul transportation and our quick on-site building assembly reduces neighbourhood disruption during installation. We incorporate best-of-breed, green inputs and smart components to minimize energy use and natural resource consumption in our buildings. We design future-proof buildings for maximum livability, occupant comfort and long term performance - low operating and maintenance costs.

In addition to a reduced footprint, as well as quality, time and cost advantages, we offer a convenient, single-supplier solution for your building needs. We design, engineer and deliver turnkey buildings on time and on budget. Working in conjunction with our network of Authorized Build Partners, we are positioned to serve markets across North America with our innovative alternative to site-built construction.

It’s high quality, sustainable, innovative, efficient, cost-effective and a shorter time to completion… Why NOT build with QUBE?

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