Our non-combustible, productized building system is disruptive in the marketplace and revolutionizes the way mid- to high-rise buildings are constructed using modern modular techniques and engineering innovation. Our interlocking, plug-and-play building technology and volumetric system is precision manufactured, efficiently and easily delivered and assembled at project sites for a complete, in-market, purpose built real estate solution. 

We design, engineer and manufacture buildings in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to a ninety percent completion then transport finished assemblies to project sites where installation and final building commissioning is carried out. This is distinct from the more common practice of transporting raw materials or prefabricated flat-packed buildings to a building site, to then still have conventional construction time and tasks take place before a final project is complete. 

QUBE buildings are manufactured in parallel to the project site work and many of the conventional construction issues that waste time and increase costs are eliminated; for example, exposure to harsh weather or hazardous environments, scheduling of trades and build quality, delivery of materials, managing road congestion and community disturbance. The advantage of our offsite construction solution apart from its innovation is high quality, improved and shorter project timelines and time-to-market plus predictable costs and economic ROI. Risk is reduced and project performance is improved when tasks are grouped and assembly-line techniques are employed in our factory location where skilled labour is available and optimal working conditions prevail.

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Innovative engineering and the use of technology across all areas of the building and construction value chain is a core mandate of how we design, plan and produce our productized building system and ultimately the buildings that go in the ground. From our patent pending intellectual property in areas of structure, electrical, mechanical and building envelope systems to our digital knowledge platform that combines the capabilities of design and engineering with BOM for manufacturing and supply chain management, our goal is to embrace modern technological developments to disrupt and enhance construction decision making and facilitate building design for manufacturing and assembly.  

We enhance livability in the built environment and develop digital-physical technology to transform construction decision making and facilitate building design for manufacturing and assembly.


Sustainability is important to us at QUBE. We incorporate best-of-breed, green inputs and smart components to minimize energy use and natural resource consumption in our buildings. We design future-proof buildings for maximum livability, occupant comfort and long term performance targeting low operating and maintenance costs. Built-in sensory technologies can deliver reporting for maintenance programs, forecasting planned maintenance, to keep building assets in prime condition for longer thus enhancing long-term asset ROI.

A convenient, single-supplier solution; designed, engineered and delivered turnkey for most market needs in the mid to high-rise sector. Working in conjunction with our network of Authorized Build Partners, we are positioned to serve markets across North America with the true alternative to site-built construction.

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