The QUBE Building System saves time, improves financial performance and reduces risk.  The QUBE advantage is that of a much higher quality building with improved sustainability and advanced liveability. Our buildings possess greater income potential and significantly lower operating costs over the long term, primarily attributable to reduced maintenance and energy requirements, delivered in a shorter period of time and at an improved economic cost over conventional construction.

Superior Financial Returns - QUBE’s building system enables a number of advantages that enhances financial returns for both building developers and building owners.  For developers, having a fixed price, higher quality, and faster project completion eliminates significant risk and improves returns.  For building owners, in addition to all the benefits that accrue to developers, additional long term benefits accrue from higher quality mechanical and electrical systems that have lower maintenance and energy costs over the long term.  High quality and liveability features ensure higher rents, creating greater internal rates of return over conventional building investments. QUBE supplies a complete building solution, and as a single supplier, can offer developers and investors with greater certainty of budgeting, scheduling and cost control.  This makes it possible to build and sell, or build and rent with less risk from variable market factors.

Significantly Reduced Construction Timelines - From the time development permits are in hand, QUBE building site construction can be completed in approximately 1/3rd the time of conventional construction projects.  This is because the bulk of building fabrication occurs at the QUBE manufacturing facility in parallel with site preparation work.  The actual assembly of components on site is a coordinated effort where all modules are brought to the site within a short time frame, and lifted and bolted in place. QUBEs system provides for inter-connection of utilities and adjacent module transitions in minimal time.  The installed finished components enable commissioning of the building for occupancy almost as soon as the top floor of the building is lifted and attached into place.