live better

We are committed to a sustainable future by improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of our employees, customers, communities and the world around us. We design and manufacture buildings that conserve energy and resources, generate less waste and perform well in function and time.


In our business practices we encourage the utilization of renewable resources and conservation of finite natural materials. Our technology and product development teams strive 

  • High efficiency heat pumps & energy recovery ventilation
  • Reduced use of organic materials with mold resistant building assembly
  • Sustainable, long-life buildings with low operating costs
  • LED lighting, EnergyStar appliances
  • High efficiency, thermal envelope and thermally broken windows & doors
  • Water conservation measures
  • Photo voltaic, passive solar and Green roof solutions
  • Reduction in construction waste
  • Electric vehicle charging stations and car-sharing on-site
  • Option for LEED Gold